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Grasp all, Lose all

Grasp all, Lose all
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Cucci is searching his soul mate through a dating agency. After looking into hundreds of different profiles, only 2 girls retain his attention; one stunning half caste cambodian girl named Debionne and one gorgeous blonde russian girl named Alina. The problems for Cucci is that he dates the two girls the same day and even worst he can't make a choice as he is turned on by both of them. At this point, without any respect for the two girls, he clumsily tries 2 propose them to build a menage a trois (living as 3). The girls get deeply shocked by his dirty proposal but they accept to stay there and to share his flat with him with one only goal in their mind: to beat the shit out of him! In fact, from now on the two Giantess will make of Cucci body a real mess of bruises n marks! Among the worst things he'll be subjected to, they'll ly trample, stomp, jump, crush, kick every part of his body including his cock n balls using their horribly sharp high heel boots, stiletto shoes but also their barefeet. More, they'll sit n stand on his face several times and often both at once, they'll crush food and a chewing gum right on his face and they'll push the disgusting mush inside his mouth to eat it all. And again they'll use him as their human pony boy, their human chair, and worst of all they'll even crush a lighted cigarette right on his chest! Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Extreme Domination, Alina, Debionne, , Facestanding, Russian, Food Fetish, Boots, Kicking, Foot Gagging, Foot Fetish, , Face Sitting

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