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Goddess Valeria – Fat Brooke Is Our Human Waste Bucket For Spit Snot

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Wgat in earth kind of thing is Brooke? She's definitely not human. She's nothing but a big fat waste of space. An object for gorgeous women like me and my friends can use to satisfy our sick sadistic pleasures. Since she's just an object, that means do whatever the fuck we want with her. Just for fun, we decide to spit on her. I mean a lot of saliva. Since she's not human, she doesn't need to wear clothes. She's just wearing panties with her big fat ugly tits exposed. She looks so ridiculous with her ugly tits hanging out. Sitting below us because she's lower than us, we spit all over her big body. She becomes our object for target practice with our spitting. Our spit gets all on her face, and big tits. It suits her anyways and our spit belongs on her body. To make sure she gets all our spit in her big mouth, we use a funnel in her mouth. We each spit in one glass to pour it all down the funnel into her mouth, but it's seems that it's too much for her. She coughs it out and our spit gets all over her face. How fucking dare she! She should be honored to receive our divine saliva. We slap her hard in her face to make her swallow it all. On the bright side, her face looks like it's covered in cum. She looks more stupid and like a whore. Next we started blowing our noses in tissue and shove them in her mouth. Her big mouth is like a trash can that we can put anything in. It gets even worse for the fat thing. We have to go pee, but our nectar doesn't belong in the toilet. It belongs on a slaves body. We put her in the bath tub and relieve ourselves on her. Our piss is also a slaves bath water, so in a way, we're washing her off. LOL!

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