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Goddess Jessica – First Aid Kit For Little Dicks

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You hired me as a companion for the night. We went out to an extravagant dinner, laughed over colorful cocktails, and even danced a little. We get back to my place, all riled up and ready to go, when you Expose-Fantasy yourself as the little dick loser that you really are. I'm confused, surprised and agahst. I did NOT expect this from such a fun guy! Despite my disappointment, I try to remain professional and polite. I explain to you that this situation just won't physically work. You won't even be able to fit that little thing into this average size condom. You're MUCH below average. No worries, if you're open to it I have an idea. I have a first aid kit for little dicks. I'll help you. ;) I can't believe it's taken you this long to find out, actually!

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