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Goddess JessiBelle – No Free Time

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When you have me there is no spare time, there is just ME. You have no time for tv, music, games, reading, ONLY ME. When you have me you have no "free" time. I am your life, I am your purpose. You hear me, see me ALL day. When you have "spare" time it is JessiBelle time. You do NOT get time to do whatever you want, you do as you are told. I am all that you need. You do as you are told, by me, and make sure you fill every second of your time with me. You can buy mantra videos and watch them over and over until you are repeating them in your head without having it playing. I will tell you what you can and cannot do, I will occupy all of your time so you are not left to make decisions on your own. Every second you have not filled with real life responsibilities are filled with JessiBelle. It makes everything SO MUCH better!

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