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Goddess JessiBelle – A Sissy Not a Man

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Tell me that it isn't true that you are still trying to be a man? You are delusional if you think that you will ever be a man. You are a pussy bitch! I almost feel sorry for you, but then I realize you are actively trying to be this way. You think you're suddenly gonna be a man? Get used to it! You aren't a man, not a woman, but you can do yourself a favor and become a sissy! You can be a sissy to a REAL man. You don't have to be gay or bi for this, just useful! You will need to invest in this, a VERY nice wig, make up, some cute little outfits - nothing slutty, shave, bleach and get yourself dolled up. No woman will ever want you, so you might as well find your place. You aren't putting your self in an ugly wig and a maid's outfit and prancing around. No. You are actually finding yourself a respectable place in this world as a sissy all ready to be fucked and useful!

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