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Goddess Foot Domination – Kaylee – Shoes 4 Sale

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Kaylee had placed an ad online looking to sell some of her old shoes. Taylor called inquiring about the shoes, claiming he was looking for some shoes for his wife. As he was inspecting the shoes, he asked if the shoes she was wearing were available for sale. She was open to it, so she took it off for him. He immediately put the shoe to his nose to catch the scent of her foot. She quickly realized that these shoes are not for his wife, she grabs his hand noticing there isn't even a wedding band on his hand. Kaylee now pissed, has changed her mind and is no longer interested in selling her shoes to Taylor. However, she does need to get them cleaned up for the next buyer so she is going to use this foot sluts services to clean up all the used shoes she has for sale. She him to kneel before her and present his tongue. As Kaylee wipes her dirty shoes on his tongue, she expresses her displeasure that he thought that he could purchase her shoes for his own personal pleasure. Having no more patience with Taylor she dumps all the shoe on top of him and tells him he has a half hour to finish cleaning the rest of the shoes.

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