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Goddess Foot Domination – Brianna – College Foot Perv steals shoes

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A friend of Brianna's step-son stops by unexpectedly and she told him that her step-son was not home. He was quit nervous as he explained to her that he was there to see her. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a pair of shoes that she had been missing for weeks. She questioned how her shoes ended up in his bag, but he was too embarrassed to tell her that he stole them. Very excited to have found her shoes, she puts them on right away. As she looks down at how great they look on her feet, she notices a stain on the top of one of the shoes. Again, she asks him what he was doing with her shoes. Did he spill something on them? She wipes her finger over the stain and smells see if she can identify it. She knows that smell anywhere, he had cum on her shoes. Upset that her favorite shoes now have cum stains on them, she grabs junior by the ear and his head down to the stained shoe, telling him to clean it. As he resists, she threatens to tell her step-son and all his college buddies what a foot pervert he is. She him to lick her dirty cum covered shoes, top and bottom. Then she realizes that he must have a large cock to produce such a large load on her shoe. She demands he remove his pants so that she may see it. He agrees to remove his pants since she promised not to tell his friends about the shoes. As he removes his pants, his cock is rock hard from licking her dirty shoes with his tongue. Brianna laughs at him as she rubs her sexy heel up and down the underside of his rock hard cock. She is going to have some fun with him and he can do nothing about it or all his friends are going to know about his perverted foot fetish.

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