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Crush Chronicles Night 1 Her Name How would you like to enjoy premature orgasms at the sight of that girl you can't stop thinking about? Or better still, just the sound of her name or seeing her sexy body in leggings or a t-shirt? This six-night series is designed to deliver that in spectacular fashion. So strap in, grab your earbuds and join me for a week of targeted and effective PE training centered around your favorite girl...all administered by your favorite Goddess. Crush Chronicles Night 2 Legs and Ass Welcome to Night 2. Here I combine the woman of your dreams with one of your favorite fetish garments: leggings! I interweave trigger words, NLP and visualization to program your brain and body to premature ejaculation whenever you see your crush wearing this particular garment. The result is a predictable (yet unpredictable), spontaneous orgasm under a particular set of circumstances you've been trained to respond to. That's what this series is all about; and we're taking it one beautiful body part at a time. So if there's a woman in your life who fascinates, obsesses, intrigues or infatuates you, what better way to harness your intense feelings into an equally intense PE? It's what your mind and body crave. Do yourself a favor...and surrender. Crush Chronicles Night 3 Tits Tonight your deep dive into PE continues with an in-depth look at your crush's tits. Here, I turn your brain into a robotic cumming machine programmed to pop the instant you see your girl in a tight top. Her tits don't even have to be naked to turn you on. Your altered brain and cock don't know the difference between admired her closed tits from a distance or fucking your cock in between them. Your ejaculation is imminent either way. This isn't theoretical by the way. You guys are flooding my emails in awe of the great results you're getting from this series. Every day I hear about you all having hot, spontaneous PEs at the triggers I've implanted. My files get results, so if you haven't started this series yet you're missing out. Whether it's your partner, your crush, your ex, your favorite celeb or porn star - pick yourself out a dream girl and get cumming...TODAY!!! Crush Chronicles Night 4 Cameltoe The second half of our saga begins with a deep, hard look into nirvana - your lady's PUSSY. Whether naked and exposed or clothed in snug fabric, I will program your mind to run wild when you think of it. I combine absolutely filthy imagery, potent triggers and aggressive leads to make your brain associate her cameltoe with unpredictable cums. (This is the point where if you have any qualms about giving your mind over to me completely, you should reconsider working with the series. It *will* produce premature orgasms triggered by the girl you like, so if you are having doubts about the mental or social repercussions of that, then proceed with caution or not at all.) Crush Chronicles Night 5 Face The penultimate file of this six-part series focuses on your crush's beautiful face. But don't think things are going to cool down. Quite the contrary. The only thing hotter than cumming to the sight of her ass or pussy, is cumming suddenly to the sight of her sweet, innocent face. It alone will be all the provocation you need for a juicy, soul-satisfying premature cum anywhere you happen to see her. DO NOT MISS this installment of my most targeted PE series yet. This is where you start to build up real, premature ejaculation mastery. Crush Chronicles Night 6 Feet The final chapter is here. Our infatuation-triggered PE training experience concludes with a cummy tribute to your love's feet. If you love feet, PE or both, then you're all set. This targeted training will have your cock reacting to pretty feet in a whole new way, even if you don't suffer from a foot fetish. With NLP, loops, and lots of sexy focus on feet, toes and shoes, developing an uncontrollable urge to PE for her feet will be a walk in the park. *Includes graphic guided imagery that will get EVERY ONE OF YOU scrambling for your cock IMMEDIATELY - foot fetishist or not:)

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