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Goddess Allexandra – Humiliation POV – Mesmerizing Tease And Denial Edging Game

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I’ve been denying your for awhile now. And now I’m going to give you permission to edge, it’s no fun if you’re always locked away. I do enjoy teasing you. So we’re going to play an edging game. It’s so simple, even idiots can understand it. When I’m wearing red, you cannot touch your cock. And when I change into a green, you may touch your dick, but you must follow my instructions. So while I’m wearing red, even though you really want to, there is no touching no matter how weak you become. You have to wait, it will only feel good when I tell you to. Don’t be too stupid to think that your cock is your own, it’s mine. It’s my toy to play with. Absolutely no touching until I say. I want you to ache for my beauty as I tease your throbbing cock. I want your cock to suffer for me. You can only beg and plead to touch your cock. Now stroke it as you stare at me in green. Jerk your cock as you look at me, my perfect breasts, my massive nipples. Yes it feels so good. Jerk your dick to my ass. You’ve need this. With each stroke you become more addicted. You just want to obey your Goddess. Give yourself to me, the owner of your mind, your cock, and your soul. You’re so lucky I’ve given you permission to jerk. But that’s all for now. Red. I want you to wait, to want, to need. I know you’ll do anything to touch it. You’re on your knees, cock out, begging me to touch it. Beg me, I want to hear how desperate you are. I want to see how pathetic you can be. Reduce yourself to nothing. Go deeper. Fall under my spell. Now stroke it again. Green. Jerk it slowly, from the base to the tip. Stroke while you look at me, the owner of your cock. Who could resist a British brat? No one, not you. Jerk your cock. Faster. Red. Aw did you think I was going to let you cum? I’m going to make you build it up first. You know it will feel much better if you wait. No touching. Just look at your hard cock twitching. Look at what I do to you. I get inside your brain and take over your body. Nobody does it like me. Keep looking at me as I tease you with my perfect, young body. But don’t touch, not yet… Green. Stroke it again, enjoy every single stroke. Your cock is rock solid. Your balls are full. You’re begging to explode. Beg me to cum. Feel it building as your cock starts to pulsate in your hand. Look at me while you wank knowing that I am the one who controls your cock. Now I’m going to count you down to… Red. Don’t touch it. No cumming for you today. Enjoy your blue balls. You will feel them all day and think of me. That’s how I want you.

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