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Football Fans

Football Fans
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Cucci loves football n like every Saturday, he watches the match of his favourite team on TV. But while he is enjoying the match, his wife Maya n her best friend Sandrine come back from their shopping n decide 2 watch the match with him. A tragedy 4 because they support wildly the opponent team n they keep singing n screaming during the whole game. And when their beloved team scores they even start 2 dance & 2 tease Cucci in any possible way. Cucci exasperated n pissed off 4 the loss of his team, takes it too seriously n he starts 2 push Sandrine badly. Maya takes her defence furiously and a real brawl between the three starts. The two devilish girls react violently n like the worst hooligans they start 2 beat the shit out of him. The pictures speak 4 themselves... Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, , Boots, Facestanding, Foot Worship, , Trampling, Ballbusting, High Heels,

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