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Flip Floppers

Flip Floppers
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Cucci is the owner of an important international company. Today he has a meeting with three of his employees who all fear him as he is always shows them no respect at all. Finally an hour late he arrives without an apology or a greeting. The meeting starts and immediately he starts to rebuke them heavily about their work. He then orders Ambre to get some papers from his office but since she takes too long (in his opinion) he starts to shout and tease her, frightening the poor girl. The other 2 don't like this and ask him to be more respectful and polite. He just tells them to shut up and do whatever he says, throwing his folder at them in a rage before firing them! Now the 3 girls have had enough and all attack him, him onto his knees n taking full control of this asshole. They`re going to give him the hardest time of his life n bring him to a place where men like him belong: under a woman's feet! They will beat him so hard that at the end he will have to sign a contract in which he'll guarantee to respect them as they deserve and also increase their salary! Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Flip Flops, , Shoe Worship, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship, Triple Domination, , Trample, Jumping, Facestanding, Face Standing, Ambre, Margo, Soraya, Cucci

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