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First set: 6-One. Final set: One gone

First set: 6-One. Final set: One gone
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Game, set and match..." is what they say on the tennis court. But for this shocking trampling sensation it should be modified to "game, set n crushed"! Cause this is what happened to Bruce when we went to France to visit our fantastic friend and wellknown trample enthusiast Rastatrample and his equipe of beautiful and mean ladies. Six girls, out 2 have fun and told to do whatever they wanted to poor "Mr. Braveheart" Bruce. We've done this video with two cameras from different angles because with just one camera it would have been impossible to capture all the feet and all the non-stop action happening at the same time all over Trampline's body 6 girls, at a total weight of more than 360 kg versus one guy who is just as tall as the smallest girl n weighing about 70 kg. 6 girls, who really wanted to show this so called superman that he ain't nothing but a human trampoline to be used and abused at their will. And that is exactly what they did. Really, guys, how many girls did you`ve to trample u at the same time? 2? 3? 4? That's quite a lot and only those who tried it know what it means. Try to recall the feeling, the immense pressure, the growing pain as it went on and on. And now try to imagine the combined weight of 6 girls, over 360 kg pressing on the upper body (not on the legs!) of an all in all just 170 cm tall boy. Hard to believe, isn't it? But it gets even worse... The action starts when the 1st 5 ladies enter the room wearing total different kinda shoes (sandals, high heels, boots, sports). They really don't waste any time stepping, stomping and alltogether in their shoes on Bruces exposed upper body, his throat, his face, his chest, his stomach even him as if they wanted to test the quality of their new found carpet. After this very plain n painful foretaste a short break as Bruce is ordered to take of the shoes of each single girl individually. And then a dream come true as young and beautiful Florence enters the scene dressed in a sexy red summer frock and with high heel sandals ment to cause a heartattack to every male on Earth. The perfect 'Lady in red'. And mean as hell as she is invited by the other girls to try out how her high heels would fit to the new human carpet. And fit they did, leaving marks all over Bruces body. But that was just the prelude for what can only be described as the hardest trample massacre to be captured on tape carried out by six girls who really did not give a damn about the human being underneath their feet. A female stampede is what came over poor Bruce. Nonstop jumping, kicking, stomping, trampling, stepping with maximum effort. You don't need to talk french to feel that the ladies were having a party. A party at the expenses of this stupid guy. Girls gone crazy and out to teach some lessons. See one girl bouncing with all her weight on one foot on Bruces throat, another one jumping on his chest, on his throat and then on his head, a third one coming down on his chin almost breaking his jaws. You think they would stop to see whether this man is okay? Ha, forget about it cause "the party must go on." Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Trampling, Trample, Jumping, , Face Standing, Throat Standing

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