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Farrah Reign – Red White and GOON

Farrah Reign – Red White and GOON
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Silly, mindless drones blindly follow what authority tells them to. They put their hand over their heart and pledge allegiance to a piece of fabric, never even bothering to think for themselves. Do you really have any loyalty to this country? I didn’t think so. It’s time that you devote your life to a more worthwhile ideology. It’s time that you fully devote yourself to me, to serving Goddess Farrah Reign. To gooning and stroking into oblivion. This isn’t an addiction, no. This is a lifestyle. This is the beginning of a new you, a drooling gooner that pledges allegiance to my rule, and my superiority. If you enjoyed this clip then send a hefty tip to show your appreciation! A generous boy makes a much better impression than a cheap one. Favorite my store to make sure you never miss a single clip update! Want me delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up for my newsletter and receive a free ass worship clip once confirmed! Visit my website below for details~
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