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Eva de Vil – I Lost Your Key

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Oopsy! I'm so ditzy! I've been looking all over for your chastity key and I can't find it anywhere! It must have just dropped off the face of the Earth. I was gonna let you out today too but... if this key doesn't turn up... you might have to spend the rest of your life locked up. Permanent chastity. I know you were trusting me to take care of it! This isn't what you were expecting. You'll never be able to get hard again! You'll never be able to cum properly! Only ruined orgasms in chastity. Your dick will probably shrink up to adjust to the size of the cage. Maybe if you beg me to let you out... it could jog my memory. ... Hmm, no, that's not doing it. Maybe if you fuck your ass for me... I'll be inspired to remember where I left it. You'll have to get used to it anyway if you can't stroke yourself anymore! Show me how desperate you can get to be let out. Hmm, think, think, where could it be?

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