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Eva de Vil – Gentle Giantess

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[Custom with the name Zach] I come home to find you naked and masturbating on the table, barely a foot tall. Shocked, I question what’s going on. You nervously tell me that you have a condition linking arousal to shrinking. I’m fascinated. I ask what’s the smallest you’ve ever been. “6 inches,” you say apprehensively. Giggling, I remark how adorable you’d be. I ask to hold you. You try to decline and I teasingly ask if you’re scared. I pick you up and admire how cool it feels to have your tiny body pressed between my fingers. You’ve never been held before. You’ve never even told anyone about your condition. I want to see how small you can get. I set you down and prop my feet up on the table, sending tremors through your legs. I want you to be as dirty as you like so that you keep shrinking. You begin to tire so I put you on the floor and I gently step on you. You cum as you reach 3 inches and I wipe and lick your cum off my feet. You ask to be put in my mouth. I toy with you with my tongue then spit you out. You’re now 1 inch tall. It’s too dangerous to play now but you’re my new favourite toy. Before I go, I tell you half seriously that the next time you leave out dirty dishes, I’ll make you cum then flatten you. I’ve included captions to illustrate your responses.

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