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Eternal Students

Eternal Students
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Dirty professor is blackmailed. Young Dommes JJ and Drew will publish his video clips if he doesn’t let them pass the exam. He has no choice and he except the deal. But the cruel students want more. He must be almost naked, just in the panties and they will play the games with him. 10 parts young femdom video set. Part 1: He must lick their dirty shoes, to shine. Part 2: Standing scissors. Part 3: Young Domme JJ sits on his face and enjoys the ride. Part 4: It’s time for Drew to get his face wet under her ass. Part 5: Coffee break. The ladies sit on his throat, in turn, and have fun with him. Part 6: Dommes smoke the cigarettes, choke him with the smoke and use him as . Part 7: Face butt drops. Part 8: Cheerful girls slap him in the face. Part 9: Karate round. The girls kick him in the body. Part 10: Fat belly and screams under their feet. He is trampled.

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