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Ellechemy – JOI Toy

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A NATION ON ITS KNEES COMMERCE, INDUSTRY, SCIENCE, THE ARTS... ALL CUM TO A GRINDING HALT AS MEN SUCCUMB TO A PSYCHIC SCOURGE. When you walk out your door you will see them everywhere: blank, drooling slaves helplessly, constantly stroking themselves to the instruction of Mistress Ellechemy! These ruined men will never think for themselves again as they offer their Goddess orgasm after orgasmin return for Her complete control. When you see these unfortunate wrecks, keep your distance! Stray too close and you may hear the voice that owns them, body and soul. A few seconds is all it takes to drop you to your knees helplessly stroking your cock unable to stop. Unless you are aroused at the idea of compulsively masturbating every waking hour, everywhere you are, turn back now. Ellechemy cares nothing for your mind, your ambitions, your free will! Once She has you in Her sway, She will ruthlessly erase them all, leaving you mindless, panting, thrusting, Her next J.O.I. TOY.

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