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Domina Fanny Dressage School

Domina Fanny Dressage School
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A few selected girls have got the chance 2 be admitted 2 Domina Fanny's famous School of Dressage. Here they will learn how 2 become real Dominatrix. When they arrive they are at 1st very shy n a nervous but at the same time feel proud n excited. They are chatting when suddenly there is the tapping sound of high heels getting louder n louder...... Domina Fanny has arrived! She welcomes the girls n begins 2 explain what her school is all about. "There are hundreds of girls like u that dream of being a real domina one day, well here u have the opportunity 2 one day become one. U`ll forget about good manners, kindness & politeness there is no space 4 that here. If u have been used 2 serving in your life, now is the time 4 u 2 be served" Domina Fanny wants 2 test them n asks them there definition of a man. The girls are shy and don't know what 2 say, so Fanny helps "Man is a slave.... and 2 be more specific a foot slave. His place is under your feet". She asks them 2 repeat it many times, "Man is a foot slaveeeeee" Keywords: Cucci, Extreme, , Mistress, Femdom, Boots,

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