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DemonGoddessJ – REMASTERED Soft SPH Mesmerize

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REMASTERED! WEAR YOUR HEADPHONES. We're going to focus on the slow rhythm of your breath. It washes over your warm, heavy body and soothes you. Every thought that passes through your mind floats away freely, so you can think of them as self evident truths that appear and disappear without stirring your consciousness. Without stirring that little tiny penis. Or will it stir for me? Will it even grow for me? While you watch my eyes and mouth, will you fall deeper? I wonder how much you'll long to give me my pleasure... as you watch these spinning fractals. As you lose yourself to the binaural beats. My love is magic and the spell is getting stronger. (Best accompanied with a heavy dose of MaryJ, p.ppers, psychedelics, or your DOC)

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