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Dark Freya – Premature Ejaculator

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In this recording I will train you to become a premature ejaculator. And you will learn to be really fast. How? Simple. Whenever you start pleasuring yourself your countdown will start. The first minute you will have massively increased sensitivity. During the next two minutes it will go back to normal. And to make it really evil, during the last two minutes of your time window, you will slowly go completely numb. And you will stay it for a while. Can you imagine that, my little boy? Feeling your sensitivity fading away and being forced to race towards the orgasm – or be frustrated and unfulfilled? This will naturally train your brain to cum faster and faster, and there is nothing you can do about it. Every time you feel pleasure – you will become a little bit more of a premature ejaculator. Of course that’s not all. Every time you listen to this recording again – and you will want to listen again – will shorten the time a little bit. You will have to be a little bit faster. And if you listen too often, sooner or later you will end up only having 15 seconds. 5 of increased pleasure, 5 of sliding back to normal, and 5 seconds of growing numb before it’s over for you. Of course – as you are such a good boy and surrender your ability to pleasure a woman ever again, I’m going to give you a reward too. Whenever you manage to cum during the heightened sensitivity, you will not only experience an amazing orgasms, but also submissive bliss, knowing you are such a good boy for me. And it will stay with you, and train you more. This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions: You will become a premature ejaculator. Be careful, since this is permanent Your will learn to cum within seconds After listening you will only have 5 minutes to reach an orgasm If you don’t make it within your time window, you will be unable to have an orgasm for 10 times longer than your time windows was

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