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Dance Lessons or Emasculation

Dance Lessons or Emasculation
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Lance’s girlfriend is sick of him being such a perve, so she signs him up 4 “dance lessons.” When he show’s up 2 meet his dance instructor, Candleboxx, he soon finds out that he’s been signed up 2 lose his balls. Candleboxx is terribly flirty and cute in her leotard n tights while she makes him count kicks 2 the balls. She tells him that she needs 2 kick him in the balls at least 30 times before he’s Nutted (mostly cause she feels like it). She makes him take off his shirt giggles n prances around him while he holds his balls in pain. She asks him if he likes 2 see her tits bounce and then kicks him some more... She even mocks him while he’s in agony, pretending 2 hold her crouch next to him, whispering how it must really hurt. After 32 kicks, she sends him home. Keywords: Femdom, , Leotard, , Emasculation Threats, Pantyhose, Free

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