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Dacy Measures n Crushes Your Dick

Dacy Measures n Crushes Your Dick
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Dacy Lynn is wearing a lace teddy, short plaid skirt, argyle tights and pig tails. She teases u closer n tells u with a smile, "Come closer, I have something in store 4 u...." and knees u hard in the balls, "Awe, did that hurt your little penis?" She makes u stand up so she can measure your dick with a tape measure n embarrass u. She's thrilled 2 find out that her little foot is bigger than your little dick She looks u right in the eye with a smile and tells u that she's going 2 crush your penis. After a couple more knees she takes a little break 2 bend over right in front of u. She beckons u closer 2 her tight amazing ass. As u get right up 2 her sexy ass, she spins around n knees u right in the balls Then she puts her foot right on your cock and starts pressing n grinding it into u while she laughs n makes fun of u "I am going 2 grind your little dick with my foot until there's nothing left.... :) Poor u..... :)" "Crushing little dicks makes me SOOO happy :) I feel so accomplished........." She drops u with a couple more knees, sticks her amazing ass right in your face, then bends over u, smiles, and tells u how she can't wait 2 crush your dick completely Keywords: Femdom, , Teasing, Humiliation, , Free

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