Czech Soles – Caught while foot cheating with their real estate agent

Czech Soles - Caught while foot cheating with their real estate agent

Vicky and Fernando are dating for 3 years now and it’s time to think about place of their own so they decided to buy an apartment. They’re with their real estate agent in a nice place, she’s telling them all about the place and Vicky translates to Fernando, since he doesn’t speak Czech. But he’s more interested in what kind of feet does the real estate agent hiding in those high heels. When Vicky is walking by her self from room to room, Fernando takes the opportunity and starts to hit on the agent, he tells her about her nice feet and offers her a foot massage. She’s quite nervous since his girlfriend is somewhere in the apartment with them but on the other hand this might be a great time to make Fernando sign it and buy the place. So she goes for it! But of course in the middle of the foot worship Vicky comes in and doesn’t believe what she sees. He never even told her he’s into feet and she catches him with this girl and he’s massaging her feet?! “No way! Massage my feet too and do a good job if I should eve forgive you this!”

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