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Cum on My Face and Ill Nut U

Cum on My Face and Ill Nut U
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Cherry is on her knees. She’s wearing bright blue spandex tights and her hair is in pigtails. She has bright red lipstick on, and Shooter can’t believe he’s about to get a blow job from the girl who has been him n busting his balls 4 a long time. Right before Cherry starts to suck his dick she tells him, “If u cum on my face, I get to chop off your balls...” with a darling smile. She goes to town on his throbbing hard dick. There are blow jobs, and then there are BLOW JOBS, but Cherry Poppins has the final word on sucking dick. She deep throats, she spits on his cock, she sucks his balls, she uses both hands... u get the point, it’s an amazing blowjob. Shooter is hopeless. She’s going to pull every drop of cum out of his cock and get as much of it on her smiling face as she can, only because she knows that’s the deal they made, and she’ll get to Nut him right after. Keywords: Femdom, Emasculation Talk, Blowjob, Teasing

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