Crush the artist

Crush the artist

Rasta thinks to be an artist. In one of the many hot summer days he’s trying to find a good inspiration to create something special. Unfortunately for him he had the bad idea to use a wooden board that was designated to be the new table bar for his neighbors. His neighbors are four young n pretty girls that exactly when he started to draw on the board catch him and they`ll teach him a lesson he`ll never forget.

They take his arms n they put him badly on the floor. They put the board (now useless for them) on him and they begin to trample him with incredible ity. All the four girls stands and walk hard on the board with an incredible rhythm. They try to take out the shit of him standing in his very upper body and he has not any chance to breath with all this weight on him. 1st they do it in heels doing a sort of dance of flamenco with an incredible noise of the heels on the hard board. They also put all together their soles and heels on his face and month to be kissed n licked. Than they order him to put off their killing shoes starting to jump and trample him again on the board but standing also on his face in the same, at least two girls in the same time. Amazing They also want he to kiss n lick carefully their sweating feet.

Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Group Domination, Crush, Crushing, Trampling, Jumping, Trample, Florance, Angelique, Elodie, Claire, Rasta, Facestanding, Face Standing

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