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Tricked Into Tricks

Tricked Into Tricks
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Cruel Girlfriend - Tricked Into Tricks

What can you do about it sissy? Nothing! You are cuffed to the bed dressed like a whore and I`ve all your clothes, wallet passport - everything. If you want your things back you're going to have to work here as my sissy whore until the end of the day. Aw are you crying sissy? Tears aren't going to make any difference to the predicament you're in. This isn't an accident - I've done this to you on purpose. I have tricked you into being my pimped out sissy whore. I have dozens of paying customers queued up in my diary for you and they are all going to pay me to fuck you. I don't care if you think you're gay or not - all that's important is that you suck their cocks and take their cocks in your sissy hole to earn me as much money as possible. You're going to stay locked in your hotel room shackled to the bed waiting for customer after customer to walk in, lift your tight PVC miniskirt up n fill you with their horny cocks. There's going to be a bowl of condoms and some lube on the sideboard next to the bed - both of which are optional. My clients will be given a keycard to let themselves into the room, they will each have an hour to spend fucking you like the whore you are. There's going to be no escape sissy. Even if you managed to get free from your cuffs where would you run in your stripper heels, miniskirt and boob-tube? You have no money, phone or ID - you'll look like a trashy tranny whore! No, you're not going anywhere - you're just going to lay on your bed and take what's coming to you until I decide to give you your things back. You're a sissy whore until I say so!

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