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Stealing Your Lunch Money

Stealing Your Lunch Money
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It's so funny to think that all those years ago, girls just a little younger than me were stealing your lunch money and here you`re now having your lunch money taken away from you by a hot bratty girl all over again. It must suck to be you loser, bullied all your pathetic life by mean girls who only see you as a weakling to take advantage of. You would so desperately trade places with one of the real men who get to date hot girls like me but that is so never gonna happen! Girls like me will only ever want one thing from you and that's your cash. Think of me as one of those bratty schoolgirls who used to push you around and make you hand over your lunch money every day - only the amount of money I am taking is much much more than it was back then. I am going to come to your office every single day. I'm going to stride confidently through your workplace in my tiny little skirt n heels - looking for you. Everyone is going to watch me hunt you down and drag u into the girl's toilets, push you into a cubicle and force you to hand over your loser tax. I will make you count my money out into my hand as I spit insults into your ugly face. I don't care who sees me or who can hear you stammering as you thank me for stealing your lunch money. You're never going to escape being bullied and by hot girls loser. You were weak for our cute little school uniforms before, and now you drool over our tight mini-skirts and heels now - nothing has changed except for the amounts u`ve to pay us! Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Cruel Girlfriend, Findom, Financial Domination, Money Fetish, POV, Cash Fetish, Dirty Talk, , Fetish, Degradation

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