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Poppers and Hormones Cocktail

Poppers and Hormones Cocktail
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I feel sorry for you sissy. You worship hot girls like me - not just because we are superior to you but because you actually wish you had the same cute girlie bodies we have. Y`know that all the sissy dressing up you do - putting on frilly uniforms, decorating your face with slutty makeup, sliding your shaved body into the prettiest lingerie is all well and good but it doesn't actually make you a girl. It makes you nothing more than a sissy - a wimpy boy in girly clothes. That's fine I guess but what I really want is to totally feminize you beyond the point of return. I don't want you 2 be able to undress and go back to being a boy again - I want your feminization to be permanent - which means hormones. Sissy, feminization hormones in high doses to transform your weak male body into a curvaceous feminine girlish body - with soft hair, cute little tits and smooth skin. I know the thought of being made to take female hormones to turn you into a girl for good absolutely terrifies you so I'm going to make you swallow your sissy-pills while you're getting mindfucked on . You're going to take your n hormones cocktail over n over again until you look just like a real girl. With every -laced breath you'll swallow a dose of feminization hormones and wait for your transformation from boy to girl to start. I want you totally addicted to your cocktail and I want you to know you'll never be released from your addiction until you`ve the prettiest girlish body, a full pair of cute tits and a soft feminine girl's voice. Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Humiliation, Poppers, Degradation, Dirty Talk, Masturbation Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Jerkoff Commands, CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, Cruel Girlfriend, , Sissy Training, Sissy Slut, POV

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