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Pillow For You – Nothing For Her

Pillow For You – Nothing For Her
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I am going to take care of 2 problems with one hit here. You`re a beta wimp who doesn't deserve to get his useless limp-dick wet. Your wife or girlfriend must also be a beta-bitch too - why else is she with a total reject like you? She doesn't deserve to get fucked either. Let's leave the fucking to beautiful Alpha men and women from now on huh? I look good in bed - so does my real man. We know what we are doing - losers like you and your ugly bitch don't have a fucking clue so you're both BANNED from fucking each other. At least this way there's no fucking chance of the two of you passing on your inferior DNA to future generations. So instead of fucking your fat troll, you're going to be fucking a pillow from now on. You can fuck Pillow McPillowface all day every day for all I care but you WON'T be fucking 'HER' again. Your balls are going to be empty all the time - draining all your cum into your disgusting hump-pillow. Your poor girl however, won't be getting a thing! I want that ugly pig starved of sex - she gets NOTHING! The only thing she gets is your gross, spunk-soaked pillow to sleep on after you have humped yourself to another beta-gasm. Let's fetch her pillow right now while you are watching this clip and hump your useless cock into it - grind yourself into your pillow over and over. Accept that this is your new sex-life. Accept that pillow humping is the only way you get to cum now. Hump the pillow faster and faster until you are ready to blow your beta-juice all over it - then beg me to let you cum on your hump-pillow. Pathetic beta loser wimp! Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Cruel Girlfriend, Pillow Humping, Homewrecker, Humiliation, Degradation, , Female Supremacy, Beta Humiliation, Loser

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