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Look What He Gets

Look What He Gets
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Cruel Girlfriend - Look What He Gets

I know you love it when I wear this cute little outfit - I know it drives you wild seeing me when I am all dressed up like this, so I thought you'd like to see just what my date is going to get to fuck me in before he ruins it tonight. It must be so fucking frustrating seeing me in my cute little outfit - your FAVORITE outfit knowing you don't get to fuck me in it - he does. You paid so much money for this - and you don't get any pleasure from it - it's all for the real man who gets to fuck me in it. I love to tease you like this - letting you see me model the cutest, hottest, sexiest outfits - making you tell me how amazing I look. I love to make you tell me what outfits he's going to love the most before I head out on my date. How about I make you take a few photos of me right now, so I can send them to him before the date. I'd love him to know just how hot I have made myself for him. I'm gonna pose in my cute outfit and you can take lots of hot photos just for HIM! Then you get to wait right here while I head out on my date. Maybe if you're lucky I will get him to send you some photos later in the night - of your favourite outfit in a little pile on the floor of his apartment!

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