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Bring Me Home a Guy To Fuck

Bring Me Home a Guy To Fuck
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Good news cucky - I am allowing you to go out with your buddies tonight. I am such a good girlfriend, most of my Cruel Girlfriends keep their boyfriends home EVERY night - never letting them out and certainly never letting them go to the clubs drinking n having fun like real men are allowed. I know you have wanted to catch up with the guys for a while so I am giving you permission to go out and have your fun. The catch? Aw you know me too well cucky! Yeah there's a catch - you're a beta cuckold after all and beta cuckolds just don't get to play with the alpha boys and girls at the club without paying for their fun with . I want you to take this photo of me out with you tonight and I want you to approach hot alpha guys on the lookout for a hook up and show them your beautiful girlfriend. Tell them all about me, tell them how I love to cheat on u, how great I am in bed, how much I LOVE to suck cocks, and how I love to humiliate you while I am getting the kind of alpha-fuck I deserve. Tell them I'm waiting for them at our home, in our bed, dressed in the hottest lingerie you've bought for me. Tell them if they come home with you tonight they will get 2 drink your beer and fuck your beautiful girlfriend while you wait on us like a pathetic cuckold coward. You're going to go out tonight cucky and you`LL bring me back a hot, alpha stud to fuck. You are gonna feel so humiliated n ashamed in the taxi all the way home knowing the guy you're sharing a cab with is about to fuck your girlfriend. Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Cruel Girlfriend, POV, Dirty Talk, Humiliation, Degradation, Cuckolding, , Cucky, Cuck

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