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Back to School With Your Bully

Back to School With Your Bully
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Cruel Girlfriend - Back to School With Your Bully

So, I have heard all about the big school reunion and I was kinda hoping you did ask me to go with you - just like you wanted to ask me to go to the prom with you all those years ago. Haha! You were such a nnn-nerd! Lol You would have stuttered and stammered your way through asking me to go with you only for me to curl my lip in disgust and REJECT you in front of all my snobby friends. You didn't have the guts to ask me then and you don't have the guts to ask me now which is why I am going to ask you! Uh-huh loserboi - you're coming to the reunion with the bratty mean-girl who made your life a total fucking misery back in school. Guess what fucktard - nothing has changed! I am still a total bitch when it comes to feeble beta-wimps like you. I still love to bully you and I'm taking you to that reunion just to humiliate you and let EVERYONE see you're still a virgin loser weakling! Pink panties and a chastity cage will be covering your schoolboi cock and a big fat butt-plug in your ass with a remote controlled electric zapper to shock you at the most embarrassing moments. I'm going to put a pink doggie collar around your neck and walk you in to the reunion on all fours! Everyone is going to see me fucking with you! My mean girlfriends will pour their drinks over you and make you clean our heels with your tongue while we flirt with the hot guys from the football team. We are gonna totally humiliate you - flushing your head down the toilet like we used to in school and stripping you down to your panties for all to see. It's gonna be such a fun reunion!

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