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Crazy Room-mates

Crazy Room-mates
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When Cucci knocks at the door of his neighbours to ask if they have some tomato sauce for his beloved pasta he could never expect to have a sort of country-hick mama kind of to open the door. Even more surprised, he discovers that the two girls don't offer him the usual tomato sauce u can buy in any supermarket but as in the good old days they make it theirselves by stomping fresh tomatoes under their barefeet n they even insists he watch them during the process. Of course Cucci, more conservative in his tastes, would never ever put such a disgusting mush in his pasta so he kindly refuses their offer. But a refusal to a countrywoman when she offers you something it is like an offence for her so they 1st insist and than they order him to taste their special sauce and to give him "the privilege" to taste this horrible tomato juice directly from their feet. When Cucci dares to spit out their crap they consider it as the worst of insults for them n in their strict countryside traditions when you insult somebody you must be punished and that's what they do. The massacre under their feet starts with the same intensity and vigour they used to stomp their beloved tomatoes as they trample, stomp, jump all over his body including his private parts and face to transform him into mush. To enjoy even more this stomping feast, they will change often their clothes and will uses different footwears to squash that big human italian tomato in any possible way and manner. So he'll be ly trampled n crushed under their very sharp high heeled shoes, their sneakers, their socks, their boots, their stockings n lick their sweaty feet... Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Trample, , Facestanding, Face Standing, Alicia, Coralie, Food Crushing, Foot Fetish, , Foot Licking, Footworship, Footlicking, Hand Crushing, , Socks, Shoes, Face Sitting, Boots

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