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Club Stiletto – Junior the school called about your Foot Fetish

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She is waiting for you when you get home from school. They called her because you have been caught staring and staring at all the girl's feet in your classroom. You aren't even discreet about it. The girls know you are staring at their feet and you do it so much, they are uncomfortable being in the same room as you. Most of the guys know you are jerking off in the bathroom stalls thinking about it. How embarrassing for mamma that you're the laughing stock of the school. She decides she is going to cure you. She is going to make you absolutely addicted to her feet and using mind control, you will ONLY want her feet, and no one else's. This way your education at school can get back on track and you won't be making a fool of yourself and the family, anymore. She teases you and tantalizes you with her sexy high heels, high heel dangling, and her sweaty, oily bare soles. You love the aroma of her feet and you love how they feel when she pushes them into your face. She describes in detail how she will cure you and also make you completely addicted to her feet. She makes you masturbate while worshiping her feet to insure that only they can provide you with the sexual satisfaction you want, no other girls feet can compare to hers.

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