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Candy Glitter – Gooning Is Easier

Candy Glitter – Gooning Is Easier
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Gooning is the easiest option for you. Do you have the wherewithal to have a sex life? Imagine trying to get on a dating app, talk to a woman, say all the right things, and get her to have sex with you. Imagine failing a step in that process multiple times until you finally get it right. Imagine, if you can fathom it, what the FUCK would happen if you managed to stumble your way into a relationship. You couldn’t maintain it. We both know that. No, just erase all those thoughts from your head. You like jerking off. You like deactivating your brain, and stroking endlessly for your Princess. It’s time to abandon thoughts of escaping this cycle, and lean into it instead. Sex lives are hard for people like you. But there’s good news. You can keep gooning, and gooning is easier.
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