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Binaural Erotic Trance – The Invisible Man Part 2 (PsychoKinky Analysis ASMR) MP3

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You fear Dominant women like Me because you know that you have absolutely no control over Me….although I have complete control over you. Yes, I am the one that gives you a fear boner so strong you have to jerk yourself off just to calm down. So... why don’t you allow yourself the dignity to fully embrace the thing that you desire on so many levels. See where it takes you, instead of fighting it? Now, I’m not saying I am going to provide you with anything more than a simple link to click… lol… but beginning to think about your attraction to me in a whole new light might really help unravel your faulty programming. Will you ever learn to celebrate My hold over you publicly, or will you hide away your secret desire and admiration for me on some throwaway account? Are you the invisible man? Features: Ruthless Psychosexual Analysis, Binaural ASMR Programming, Analog Drone, Stereo Field Fuckery, Circuit Melting Mesmerization, D/s Dynamics, Power Exchange, Sexy Psychedelia, Goddess Philosophy, Studio Quality Mastered Sound, Mp3, Runtime: 22:23

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