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AstroDomina – Vans Sneaker Sph – Red Light Green Light

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Hey loser, we're going to play a little game today with my new Vans while I humiliate you! Try not to cry! Sydney is going to let you stroke your tiny little dick to her new Vans sneakers. Aren't you lucky? But there's a catch - she's going to be crossing her legs throughout the video. When they're crossed, you can jerk and when she uncrosses them, you have to stop. All while she completely humiliates you about your tiny little problem. Get naked right now, she orders. She wants you bare and vulnerable while she berates you. She crosses her legs. Okay now you can jerk. She calls you a shrimp-dicked loser, unable to satisfy any woman. How pathetic! She uncrosses her legs again, okay stop jerking! Good. Keep following along loser! She makes you kiss her sneakers. This is what little dicked losers get, only the bottom of her shoes. She just keeps laughing at you and messing with you, crossing and uncrossing her legs as you start and stop stroking to her. Make sure to do what your Goddess says as she degrades you. If you're good she might just treat you at the very end, but she might not, she might just make you edge to her sneakers - you'll just have to watch to find out..

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