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I had no idea you were into vore. You should have told me while we were together. Now I can still shrink you but you might not like what I do to you afterwards. You've decided to swing by your ex Sydney's place. She discovered one of your secrets. That you're into a fetish called vore. To your surprise, she's not freaked out but confesses to you that she actually enjoys shrinking men, that she's a Giantess who's into the same fetish, but from the other side. She makes an offer you can't refuse: she's willing to shrink you down to mini size. Sure enough, she possesses the skills to make you shrink in size. Amazing! You never thought this was actually possible but here you are, getting shrunk by your ex. And it even turns her on! Once you are a tiny speck, she picks you up and explains to you that as much fun as this is, she never really liked you and she's about to get rid of you once and for all. And into her mouth you go.

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