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Ashley Alban – My Ass is Better Than Your Girlfriend’s

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You come home to find your neighbor Ashley sitting in your apartment. You know you gave her a key to dog sit when you’re away, but she can’t just come in whenever she wants. You ask her why she’s there. She says that she knows your girlfriend is out of town, aaaand she knows how obsessed you are with her ass so she thought she would give you a little taste of what you’re missing. You try to act oblivious but she says she catches you checking her ass out all the time. She knows you want her. And she knows you’re probably wishing you could be with her instead since your girlfriend has a flat ass. Ashley wants to just give you a little tease, let you see what you’re missing out on. She shows off how round and juicy her ass is. She keeps lifting and spreading her cheeks, and then letting them go, so you can see just how much ass she has. She continues to mention that she know you want her ass. She won’t let you have it, of course, or even touch it, but she wants to drive you crazy while you see more than you ever have before. She encourages you to jerk off while you watch. She wants all of the cum in your balls to be hers. Maybe if you’re good, she’ll let you experience the real thing, and your girlfriend can watch so she knows how a real ass bounces when it gets fucked. [No full nudity, panties are not removed]

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