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8 Crazy Tramplers – Cucciolo

8 Crazy Tramplers – Cucciolo
wmv | 570*428 | 522 mb | 66 min

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We think we are honest if we state that this video is the most cruel, hard, y, destroying multi trample video ever realized. A constant trampling action of 8 beautiful girls with the total weight of 450 kilograms on one squashed man... simply you will not believe your eyes. In our humble opinion, some of the actions included in this tape will be written in history forever. We sincerely hope they`ll became your personal favorite as well! Our Trampline is peacefully resting in his room, when suddenly he hear someone knocking at the door. Jasmin enters the room, waking him up him with her nice high heels shoes. After just a few seconds someone more knocks at the door, and it's the time of Florance to join her friend. The same scene repeats six more times, like a Wrestling Royal Rumble, with the entrance of Crystel, Angelique, Elodie, Isabelle, Claire, n Jennifer; in a few instants our Trampline finds himself squashed beneath the weight of 16 gorgeous, high-heeled feet! Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Extreme Domination, Crush, , Trample, Jumping, Trampling, Cucci, Fetish, Group Domination

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