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5 Girl Drive – By Car Crushing

5 Girl Drive – By Car Crushing
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5 Girl Drive - By Car Crushing

It's a nice day to do something completely stupid, something as stupid as making a bet which includes five girls in a car driving over you!!!! Dave n Rasta are ing beer and of course starting to get. As usual this means they`ll start to argue about who's the best at trampling and taking the most weight. And obsessive trample guys is a dangerous cocktail, they decide to play a SERIOUS game to see who can take the most weight. In the past they have argued about who can take the most girls, this time they`re going to include a car in this dangerous game as well! Before it was amazing, but this time its just plain crazy! Finding girls to play this dangerous sport is not difficult for Rasta who knows girls that would happily drive the car over his head for a few dollars! The girls arrive with Anna driving her Renault five. Dave goes 1st, he lays down on the ground and the girls roll over him slowly, crushing his arse and legs using all the power of their weight n the weight of the car. The car weighs 750 kg (1653 lb) and the five girls 250 kg (551 lb) meaning an amazing total weight of 1 ton (2204 lb)!!!!! They enjoy to feel the car lifting up as it drives over him. Anna smokes her cigarette with no respect for the poor man under her tyres. She is the mistress and her friends now have a full ton of crushing power. You don't want to get in the way of her car!!!!! Dave is crushed by front n back wheels, Rasta looking on, suddenly starts to wish he hadn't suggested this challenge n starts to drip with sweat. " Now it's your turn Rasta ", Anna says.

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