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42 degrees of trampling

42 degrees of trampling
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42 degrees of trampling

Our Rasta decides to take care of his old car, cleaning it with passion. The day is extremely hot, and the sun beats really hard.

Suddenly his three friends came, and start joking him for cleaning such a junk of a car. Rasta, insulted by the girls, starts offending them as well, and the girls decide to teach him some good manners. In a moment they jump on the car hood, and start jumping over it like crazy. In a few seconds the hood is filled with dents!

At this time Rasta desperately tries to get them off the hood, but they worsen their treatment on the roof instead!! They walk over it as crazy, jumping over him like hoppers, pressing their heels on the metal, that cracks and gets more n more carved under their weight!

Rasta climbs on the car roof to stop them, but gets thrown on the roof instead!! Guys, the temperature reaches 42 °C, and the car roof is so hot you can cook a steak on it... and Rasta gets his whole back slammed on it, pressed flat against it by three crazy high-heeled girls!! Burned in the honor and in the back, Rasta starts thinking the worst and tries to escape.

The 3 therefore decide to tie him with a big rope at the car roof, so they can ly stomp his helpless immobile body!

Rasta is really on the edge, we never saw him so tried, but the girls really don't seem to care of his pain. Instead, they get worse: they free him, only 2 throw him down the car roof, the body over the windshield, the head over the hood. Really a chinese torture position!! At this time they use him as human bridge to travel from the roof to the hood, their heel sinking in his flesh like hot knives, in this dramatic position.

But the fury of the girls seems endless. They decide to throw him down on the ground, only to jump over him the violent way from the hood! They challenge each other to see who jumps higher, not caring they will land flattening Rasta, and they also jump on him 2 at once.

Rasta is really exhausted, but the girls don't show any pity n decide to annihilate him: they ties him from his hands to the back of the car, and starts working him, stomping without a care in the world, simply ignoring his agony. Before leaving him at his doom they even drag him for meters on the soil, filled of stones and everything!! The screams of the poor guy are terrible! A last, trampling on his back n they finally decide to leave him lifeless on the ground.

When Little guy comes he finds his friend squashed to the ground! He therefore decides to take his care to search for 1st aid, but he can't believe his eyes when he sees in which conditions it have been torn apart!! The coach work is totally destroyed, filled with heel marks. He tries to start it, but the engine seems dead as well!

Without loosing his spirit he searches for the problem under the car, inveighing against whoever did that massacre. Too bad for him, who did that massacre is not far away: the girls hear his railing, and in a blink of an eye Little Guy finds three gorgeous girls violently stomping over his chest! Little Guy screams for the pain, but the girls have started teaching another lesson and won't stop until he's flat n punished!!

After some working, the three girls decide to take him out from beneath the car, and to throw him on the floor beneath their barefeet! Throat face and head are their preferred spot and there's no pause in their annihilation action: the feet of the three are here to massacre, smash, devastate the poor victim, dying in the sun.

When they see him exhausted they take him from the hairs and throw him in the trunk!

This videos has been shot in extreme ambiental conditions, with temperature at his summer worst, that created some unique situation and worsened the usual Cucci trampling.

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