TheEnglishMansion – Lydia Supremacy – Torment and Pleasure Boots – Complete

TheEnglishMansion - Lydia Supremacy - Torment and Pleasure Boots - Complete

Lydia Supremacy is wearing beautiful high heeled thigh length leather boots and is giving her slave a chance to worship them. She uses his tongue and then pushes the sharp stilettos deep into his nipples, making his cock hard, she soon crushes it under her foot to keep him under control. She continues this torment/pleasure cycle until she is satisfied n allows him to cum over the boots n lick up the resultant mess.

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Love Leads To Crazyness

Love Leads To Crazyness

Cucci n Edwige have the chance to be the perfect couple. They`re both young, with a good job, are recently married and live together in a wonderful villa in the country. But unfortunately their marriage is going very bad..they have disputes on a regular basis and their relationship is getting worse n worse. This weekend, (as usual) they argue. Cucci, who is working on the garden complains to be the only one working……he claims he takes care of everything at home without any help from his wife who spends all her time sunbathing and doing absolutely nothing all day long. Edwige, that in all honestly is a little bit lazy, claims that she worked the whole week and needs to rest during the weekend. Once again the discussion ends badly with the two yelling at each other so Edwige decides to leave the house n to spend the rest of the day with some friends in the city.

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