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Extreme Emancipation

Extreme Emancipation

Margo is watching her favorite soap opera on tv when suddenly her husband Cucci arrives and without even asking he steals the remote control n changes the channel as he claims there is a very important football match on. This kind of rude attitude occurs on a daily basis n Margo has had enough of his zero respect. In fact her husband is old fashioned still believing that men are in charge at home. She asks him kindly if they can go out this evening but Cucci ignores her as he is focused on the match. Without saying a word she leaves the bedroom, gets changed n announces she is going out, with or without him. Cucci isn’t happy but for the very 1st time Margo isn’t going to listen to him.

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His New Home


Meanwhile the slave has accepted his new home in the barn and is visited by three cruel schoolgirls. Young Dommes Jane, Chantal and Sweetbaby do bad things to the slave. He is beaten, trampled, spitted on and doused with cold water. He is forced to put his head into horse dung and roll in the mud, he must clean the dirty barnboots with his tongue and eat some fresh horse dung. Afterwards he is taken to the house and must clean the muddy boots of the schoolgirls. This is a must see movie – absolute humiliation of a slave.



School Lesson


In the girls school is a lesson about pets scheduled. Lady One takes the chance and brings her own “pet” to the classroom.



Human Pet

princess jenny

U’re just a dirty dog for me and that’s why u’ll eat from the dogbowl. U’ll eat your food from the bowl and i’ll check if u did it. So come on – eat for your domme u lousy dirty animal.

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The Horse Dealer 5


And the Saga continues…
Young Domme Anne this time, invites her friend Sassou, another lady crazy for horses. Anne’s slave still at her mercy, is tied up to a fence and he is waiting for his punishment. Once again, he will be roughly beaten, trampled, humiliated, used as pony boy, whipped, face-sat and abused with any sort of equestrian accessories; snaffle, horse whip, and horse tether. Another outstanding and unmissable Femdom video for our thousands equestrian fans and riding boots lovers!

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Princess Toni’s Animal

Princess Toni

Princess Toni is a firm believer in Female supremacy and a long time supporter and contributor to the YoungDommes. In these picture-set we see Toni train her naked male pet and drag it naked like a beast around the cold dirty warehouse before making it beg to lick the dirt left on the soles of her heels. To Young Domme Toni this really is how things should be and when u see these pics I think u will agree it does seem very natural to them both.

young domme

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Ride The Sad Ass

pony play

Miss Lucy forces a rubber bit in this sad little shits mouth and mounts its back to be ridden around the location. Its knees aren’t up to it and seeing as it wasn’t up to anything else it was photographed for the ladies album and then kicked out safe in the knowledge its so useless it cant even amuse a crowd of women.

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Nicola’s Obedient Mut

young domme

One of the best things about men being sex obsessed and constantly thinking with their dick is when said dick is locked away under a padlock it will do practically anything to be released. The normal macho ego and pride disappears as we display to Miss Nicola when we tell her she can return this key anytime she likes however we suggest she has some fun first. The slave chases a stick and fetches like a common dog at her command. What a pathetic little prick..

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Put The Wankers To Work


Miss Sophia is so excited about the new carraiges we have been given that she can’t wait for the summer and has the slaves running around in -3 just to amuse her.

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Miss Eve And Her Pet

human pet

Miss Eve to train her pet… 103 nice femdom pictures.