Punctured for stealing

Punctured for stealing

Cucci is off on a well deserved holiday, so he leaves Dave in charge while he’s away.

He instructs him on his duties and tells him not to do any videos whilst he’s away. He says goodbye n leaves.

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65 min

Human Ashtray Vol.2

Human Ashtray Vol.2

An incredible compilation with the most extreme “Human Ashtray” actions. You will be impressed to see our beautiful and cruel girls blowing smoke in Cucci face, throwing ash in his hands, his hairs and inside his mouth. And worst, to turn off their cigarettes on Cucci tongue, hands, back and chest, to trash their cigarettes butts inside his mouth. Simply Femdom at its finest!


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622 mb
38 min

Elegant Femdom – efcl650 Dirty Shoes

Elegant Femdom - efcl650 Dirty Shoes

Lady Demona was invited for a bachelorette party at the weekend, so her new shoes got a little bit dirty. The dirty from the floor of the pub during the party stuck on the sole of her shoes, not to mention the women’s toilet. Lots of disgusting thing to lick it off. So when she arrives sits on the chair orders and hold her feet in front of the slave’s face and commands him to lick all the dirt off even that chewed gum like sticky. Excellent fullHD quality clip for shoe fetish fans.

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CFNMTV – Initiation Part 3

CFNMTV - Initiation Part 3

The inexperienced young lad doesn’t know how to react. The women are all so tough and scary looking – not to mention totally confident now he is in their domain. With the 2 older boys outside he can’t simply run away so he’s trapped in the grubby room. For the cleaners it’s a fantastic opportunity to torment the type of rich kid whose filth they normally have to clean up.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

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