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Young Dommes Lucy And Cash Humiliate A Slave In The Bar

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Young Domme Lucy relaxes at her bar and watches Miss Cash assert her power over our pet pig. The slave is made to lick the soles of her converse boots clean before getting its tongue to work on the tops and then the carpet which she walks on. The girls talk amongst themselves and enjoy a drink. Cash tells Lucy about her experience with slaves and the sort of labor saving duties they can be trained to do if you use the right motivation. The leash is handed to Young Domme Lucy who pulls it by the neck and laughs as it does as its told.

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Japanese TeenDom – Love & Boots vol.18

Love & Boots vol.18

Story 1: A cafe in the street. Two cruel Japanese Ladies enjoying calm afternoon with their slave dogs.

Story 2: Two of them killing joyful time by lynching.

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504 mb
1-03 h


Japanese TeenDom – Love & Boots vol. 13

love and boots

Cruel lynch executed by two women in a basement room.
A male slave is stamped by black leather boots at his face, beaten, kicked and dragged.
Minimized CCD camera attached to the male’s head gives real images. U can imagine yourself on slave’s place.


245 mb
48 min


Japanese TeenDom – Love & Boots vol. 19

Love & Boots vol. 19

5 long legged japanese dominas with high black boots kick the hell of the wothless shoeshiner in the subway.


669 mb
1-10 h

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