The Training Of Miss Charlotte

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We invited Charlotte back for a small gathering last week. We thought we would give her a head start for next year by letting her watch how some of our more experienced slave handlers deal with the piggies. Mistress Ashley and Miss Toni take Charlotte through some basic methods of control as well as encouraging her to slap some pig face convincing her how much fun it can be. But before she arrives the Girls make sure the slaves Know what to expect.

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Cruel Lady Asmodina Gallery

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Animal Instinct – photo/set ( 36 pics ) Observed me for a photo shoot for the new leather collection. skin tight leather from head to toe. charming, sexy and captivating. special insight, for my leather lovers. delightful moments. luxury, leather, legs, nylons, sexy, highheels, plateau

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Luxury Leather-Continuation – photo/set ( 42 pics ) Under the noble lorenzi leather boots, the worm may suffer. from the stockinged legshears .. there is no escape. useful as a seat cushion, he must humbly wring under the divine butt to air. obedience to my service. leather, luxury, overknee, boots, fishnet, smoking, legshears, ashtray, spitting, facesitting

Leg Show – photo/set(51 pics ) hot outfits, delightful wolford pantys. stockings and breathtaking high heels. godlike curves in perfection. I enchant you and fascinate you. come closer… for all my leg lovers. pleasureful moments… nylons, pantyhose, highheels, boots, plateau, leather, laquer, legs

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Young Dommes Lucy And Cash Humiliate A Slave In The Bar

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Young Domme Lucy relaxes at her bar and watches Miss Cash assert her power over our pet pig. The slave is made to lick the soles of her converse boots clean before getting its tongue to work on the tops and then the carpet which she walks on. The girls talk amongst themselves and enjoy a drink. Cash tells Lucy about her experience with slaves and the sort of labor saving duties they can be trained to do if you use the right motivation. The leash is handed to Young Domme Lucy who pulls it by the neck and laughs as it does as its told.

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