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Lucy’s Loser

young mistress

Young Dominatrix Lucy finds the thought of using pathetic men like u quite funny, she l0ves t0 see u snivel and beg t0 be put under her perfect feet. She wants u t0 watch the 0ld runt massage her feet and kn0ws u w0uld d0 anything t0 be in his place, pampering her like a Princess.
Young Domme Lucy humilate y0ur slave and Y0U too!

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Bar Mat

young dominatrix

The term Bar Mat was used by Young Mistress Cash earlier in the day, we liked it so much that we just had to do a trample video just to use the title. Mistress M stamps her old slave under her boots whilst sipping a cold drink at the bar, Young Mistress Cash also grinds her heels into its ill fitting flesh, Much to the humiliation of Miss Lucy who works that bar 4 days a week but has never seen anyone order a drink whilst using a naked man as the carpet. A great Trampling clip that is only 5 minutes long as we really did think we had broken the old man.

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5 min


Japanese TeenDom – Love & Boots vol.18

Love & Boots vol.18

Story 1: A cafe in the street. Two cruel Japanese Ladies enjoying calm afternoon with their slave dogs.

Story 2: Two of them killing joyful time by lynching.

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Humiliation of the Pig

Humiliation femdom

Mistress “M” has tested the slave prior to the arrival of the girls. We were expecting Mistress Cash who although familiar with female domination online is new to actually having slaves serve her face to face. We weren’t expecting Barmaid Lucy. The night before we had explained to Lucy what we doing the next day and we were all surprised when she showed up and wanted to get involved. It being Mid November the girls wrapped up warm as they watched “M” Humiliated the slave in the beer garden. This is a 4 part movie of this slave being degraded by the girls over a few hours.

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25 min

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Japanese TeenDom – Love & Boots vol. 13

love and boots

Cruel lynch executed by two women in a basement room.
A male slave is stamped by black leather boots at his face, beaten, kicked and dragged.
Minimized CCD camera attached to the male’s head gives real images. U can imagine yourself on slave’s place.


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Young Domme Nicole Uses A Slave

Young Domme

The only difference between what Young Domme Nicole is doing in this gallery to what any other girl her age does on a daily basis is the naked male who has been blackmailed into being a piece of furniture for both his own disgrace and Nicole’s amusement. Apart from that she is just chatting with friends, catching up on celeb gossip in magazines and doing her hair…

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Young Domme Jenna’s Chores

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One of the biggest attractions to joining the in crowd of “class 5b” is the ability to order any one who is owned by the gang to do whatever the hell you like. All the girls get the “slaves” to do as they want and a favorite is to get them to do any chores that have been assigned to them. Jenna is making the most of being accepted and has this naked man scrubbing as she laughs at his small cock.

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Young Mistress Laura And Her Human Furniture

human furniture

We travel around the UK meeting young dominant women and have premises available to us in most major cities. We always try to allow one room as a woman only room where slaves are forbidden to enter. The only exception to this is furniture. Unlike some websites where models are used to pose human furniture etc, if you are demoted to table or chair in one of these rooms you had better be prepared to be there hours or as long as you are needed, the girls don’t care if it starts to become uncomfortable.

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Face Slap Cage


These photographs were taken at one of our open days when new dommes Sophia and Jenna got to try their hands at female domination for the first time. We put one of our piggies in this cage which is designed to allow access to its face. Its masked to protect its identity but that didnt stop the girls taking advantage of this device and cracking some lovely face slaps causing the slave to wince through its gag. The girls loved this and giggles all the way through the photos being taken..

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Japanese TeenDom – Love & Boots vol. 19

Love & Boots vol. 19

5 long legged japanese dominas with high black boots kick the hell of the wothless shoeshiner in the subway.


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