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Donna Humiliates U with Her Stud’s Filthy Fuckbag

femdom pov

I’m a real Princess! I’m used to getting whatever I want. When guys find out who I am, they go from thug to pissy-pants pussy-bitch in like two seconds. I have a serious mean-streak and I enjoy seeing how badly I can humiliate a little bitch-pants coward like u. I want u in my sorority room tonite, on your hands and knees, ready to be treated like the worthless piece of shit u are. I might make u gargle with the hot gooey cum from my boyfriend’s condoms. I might make u wear his massive dirty fuckbag over your tiny prick and do a sissy jerkoff dance while I make a video of u for my sorority sisters to enjoy. It’s up to me. We’ll see how mean I feel. Don’t be late, shitstain.


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8 min/59 pics

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