Elegant Femdom – efcl650 Dirty Shoes

Elegant Femdom - efcl650 Dirty Shoes

Lady Demona was invited for a bachelorette party at the weekend, so her new shoes got a little bit dirty. The dirty from the floor of the pub during the party stuck on the sole of her shoes, not to mention the women’s toilet. Lots of disgusting thing to lick it off. So when she arrives sits on the chair orders and hold her feet in front of the slave’s face and commands him to lick all the dirt off even that chewed gum like sticky. Excellent fullHD quality clip for shoe fetish fans.

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Elegant Femdom – efcl660 Ashtray

Elegant Femdom - efcl660 Ashtray

Princess Lucy the stunning superior mistress sits at the table smokes n uses her personal maid as a human ashtray. The maid must kneel humbly with open mouth like a totally faggot waiting for ashes.

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Triple facesitting mania

Triple facesitting mania

Ariane, Charlotte n Fanny have been waiting for Cucciolo for almost two hours now. There is a video today, surely he hasn’t forgot? Finally he arrives only to get blasted by the girl’s complaints, “Why didn’t u contact us to let us know you were going to be late arse hole?” Cucci isn’t too concerned though and just makes some flimsy excuses, he is far more concerned with the way the girls are dressed, “You were supposed to wear miniskirts today not running shorts!” he shouts. “You`re sexy young models, not my grandmother and they are too tight as well, revealing your fat arses – change them straight away!” Well I think you can imagine the girl’s reaction to these comments. It is a shame he doesn’t like their “fat arses” because he is about to spend some quality time being heavily crushed beneath them! The girls then lay him down to ground level, where he belongs.

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TheEnglishMansion – Miss Suzie and Miss Vivienne lAmour – Peeping In The Locker Room – Part 1

TheEnglishMansion - Miss Suzie and Miss Vivienne lAmour - Peeping In The Locker Room - Part 1

Vivienne n Suzie have been enjoying a game of squash in the local gym and are getting showered and changed when they hear a noise at the door, realising there is someone peeping on them, they grab the perpetrator and drag him into the locker room. He protests that is accidental and he didn’t mean it, but they are unimpressed and decide to humiliate, objectify n sexually use the perv. They waste no time in stripping him down and putting him in compromising positions, Suzie sits on his face and takes some pleasure, riding it till she cums, whilst Vivienne is rubbing her foot on the guys cock, turning him into their own sexual object n teach him a lesson.

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Scissoring Vol.2

Scissoring Vol.2

This second part of this amazing compilation collects the most intense, painful n extreme head-scissor actions. Several of our most beautiful girls apply full pressure with their legs squeezing n crushing Cucci neck n head tighter n tighter within their thighs restricting his air and causing pain. Front head scissor, reverse head-scissor and many other positions in a fantastic video for the scissor-lovers!

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