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Eternal Students

young femdom

Dirty professor is blackmailed. Young Dommes JJ and Drew will publish his video clips if he doesn’t let them pass the exam. He has no choice and he except the deal. But the cruel students want more. He must be almost naked, just in the panties and they will play the games with him. 10 parts young femdom video set.

Part 1: He must lick their dirty shoes, to shine.
Part 2: Standing scissors.
Part 3: Young Domme JJ sits on his face and enjoys the ride.
Part 4: It’s time for Drew to get his face wet under her ass.
Part 5: Coffee break. The ladies sit on his throat, in turn, and have fun with him.
Part 6: Dommes smoke the cigarettes, choke him with the smoke and use him as human ashtray.
Part 7: Face butt drops.
Part 8: Cheerful girls slap him in the face.
Part 9: Karate round. The girls kick him in the body.
Part 10: Fat belly and screams under their feet. He is trampled.

2.4 gb
more than 1 h

The Flirt

young femdom

This boy is conditioned by beautiful sadistic girl Sibilla. He tries to flirt with her but she is so disinterested. She can have any guy she wants but it’s hard to find the guy who can be pounded into submission, So, she uses her charm to said every wish she wants to him and he must obey her requests. She just says “maybe”…

12 parts young femdom video set.

Part 1: Her high heels need polishing by his tongue.
Part 2: Young Domme Sibilla takes off her shoes and gives him her feet in stockings. Warm and aromatic.
Part 3: Feet washing. The guy worships her lovely bare feet.
Part 4: The art of trampling on his belly.
Part 5: Facesitting on the carpet.
Part 6: Great scissorhold with Sibilla’s strong legs.
Part 7: Her feet on his face, full weight.
Part 8: Her pretty hands slaps his face.
Part 9: Facesitting and smothering.
Part 10: Miss Sibilla stretches his arm and choke his throat with her feet.
Part 11: Cigarette smoking and choke with the smoke. He doesn’t like it.
Part 12: High heels trample.

2.8 gb
more than 1 hours


Mistress Scarlet – 2


In this Amazing sequel of Mistress Scarlet Vol. 1, the One and Only gorgeous, classy and cruel Mistress Scarlet, dominates, humiliates and punishes Cucci outside in the freezing cold. Pedal pumping, Facesitting, Muddy Shoe Worship, Spitting, Face Slapping, Caning, Pony Boy, Ballbusting, Trampling and much more. A really great Femdom video with a Real Italian Domme we highly recommend!

528 mb
38 min


Kinky Leather Girls

kinky fetishes

Want to join Young Dommes Nesty and Amirah in their kinky cellar for some leather sex?

23 HQ pics


The Guardian

femdom extreme

While the alarm of the warehouse rings out, the guardian arrives with his car, catching two women running off with load of bags. Gun in hand, he stops them, but only a second of hesitation is fatal, as the two girls disarm and subdue the man. Under the threat of his own gun, the guardian gets kidnapped and by now, the two women will beat, humiliate, abuse and torture him. Their first target is his car, as they stomp and dent the hood and roof under their spiky heels. Then, they order him to lick the dirty soles of their boots, they crush his head under those boots, they order him to get inside his car where they trample him and they try to choke him by sitting full weight on his face…

The mysterious and sublime Domme Anne so much appreciated in the movie “The Riders” and the gorgeous Adeline, dominate, torture and humiliate Cucci without any mercy.
Shot in a warehouse and with a freezing temperature, this film has all the ingredients to be an unique, extremely real and outrageous FEMDOM video!

386 mb
50 min


Young Domme Danni’s Sissy Training


Young Domme Danni hasn’t been a “Mistress” for long but shes already got a loyal following of sycophantic losers, sissys, and pay zombies desperate for the chance to prove themselves.

Well u sissy boys are in for a treat today as she is going to bring out the TRUE LOSER in U. She is so fucking out of your league and such an ALPHA Goddess, that u really will do anything she says for an ounce of her attention. Your training is going to begin, with u being transformed from a submissive male, into a SISSY SLUT…

Two parts Femdom POV video.

206 mb
16 min

Download part 1
Download part 2

Best Face Slapping

fase slapping

This is the most impressive and intense series of Face Slaps given by many different girls u have ever seen! This compilation is fully dedicated to the art of FaceSlapping, 33 minutes of non stop Face slaps in which u won’t miss a single second of all the slaps given in all Cucci‘s videos. U can’t really miss this clip!

760 mb
33 min


Young Domme Olivia’s Amazing Ass

ass worship pov

WOW, u need help… U just can’t think about anything else but but crack! U go from one ass to the next just so u can get your next FIX! Money, work, friends, family… none of them seem to matter anymore! Your addiction to CRACK and more specifically Miss Olivia’s crack dominates your life! So LOSER come closer, pull your pants down, reach for that credit card as u yank, and strum that piggie tail, as u press your worthless snout of yours up against the screen and SNIF!! THAT’S THE SHIT!!! Stare at your computer screens as thats the closest u will ever get to her…

“Tell me how much u want to be holding onto those ass cheeks right now…”

72 mb
7 min


Face Slapping Extreme


Thisi video is simply INSANE ! The deadly gorgeous and very popular dommes Isil and Sassou, slap Cucci’s face non stop for half-hour!!! Tied up and even blindfolded, u will be amazed by the incredible number of really hard slaps hitting Cucci. For the very first time ever, a video fully focused on Face Slapping and Foot Slapping. If u like girls beating the crap out of a man, then we strongly recommend u this unique femdom video!

716 mb
33 min


Your Worship For Princess Lucyanne


Young Domme Lucyanne is new to the mistress scene but she is already amassing a considerable following… look at her its easy to see why! She can already see how desperate and weak she makes u, u know u can’t help it but want to worship her. Enjoy as she teases and torments u, leaving u utterly frustrated and broken. Princess Lucy is truly a GODDESS and now u will worship her as your new GOD! Be warned though u will never be aloud to touch her, LOSERS like u are only allowed to STARE and PAY, to be in the presence of such PERFECTION!

83 mb
8 min