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Beautiful Girls – Bertie and Juli. Two Beauties spit smoke spittle

Beautiful Girls - Bertie and Juli. Two Beauties spit smoke spittle

Bertie & Juli. Two Beauties spit smoke spittle

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7 min

Stella Liberty – Human Spittoon Takes a Beating by Stella Liberty

Stella Liberty - Human Spittoon Takes a Beating by Stella Liberty

Fluffy is at Mistress Stella’s mercy today. His hands r bound in bondage mittens, his feet locked together, his nipples clamped, his mouth is gagged open & his cock and balls are bound. What will she do 2 him? His mouth is so inviting and Stella’s mouth is watering at the idea of filling up his mouth hole with her warm, sweet spit. She drools into him again and again while punishing his hard cock mercilessly with full speed slap after slap. Her dirty feet need a good cleaning & she shoves them in his gaping mouth, wiping her beautiful dirty soles on his tongue. His pasty white thighs look so tender n she can’t resist caning the soft flesh over & over again. He is unable to yell for help, only gargle her spit while his mouth remains tethered open. Using her spittoon has never been more gratifying.

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Sweat-Dripping Rubber Thong Ass Smothering

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League - Sweat-Dripping Rubber Thong Ass Smothering

It is been a very hot day & Cybill Troy requires something 2 soak up her delicious sweat, while distracting her from the sweltering temperature.

She decides 2 employ a very lucky gimp of hers for this honourable experience.

With her oh so lucky gimp in place, she kindly hydrates him with her spit before testing out his odd compulsion 2 breathe.

Clamping down her latex gloved hands she deprives the gimp of air, before repeating the process with added choking.

Miss Troy feels that her gimp isn’t doing as well as he should, so 4 a better, face covering seal, this luckiest of gimps gets be smothered under Cybill Troys sweat covered ass.

Torn between the selfish need for oxygen versus the sublime experience of Cybill Troys sweaty ass smothering, the gimp does slightly better.

After exploring several different ass smothering positions, Miss Troy decides she is slightly cooled down & milady entertained. Before leaving, she gives the gimp a very generous, sweaty, reward 2 savour.

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8 min

Karin von Kroft – Locked up cock

Karin von Kroft - Locked up cock

Slave’s cock & balls are locked up in the pillory. He can’t move while mistress torments his cock. She whips it and uses her spike shoes 2 poke it all over. Karin puts her foot on his cock n balls and steps on them. Finally, for her enjoyement, she milks him & keeps playing with his cock after he comes.

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14 min

Mistress Sarah Jessica – Big baby gets humiliated

Mistress Sarah Jessica - Big baby gets humiliated

In this funny yet cruel humiliation clip watch this pathetic adult B*** be totally degraded & used for Mistress’s entertainment.

She kicks, slaps and makes him do ridiculous noises all whilst he’s dressed like an AB. She ball busts him & even make him punch his small disgusting balls until he hits the floor lol!

Mistress instruct him 2 remove his adult nappy so she can see his tiny pathetic little clit… It really is laughable. He just has one of those faces that you want 2 bully and with plenty of fat shaming I am sure his face was left red, and not just from the slaps. A genuine loser who is addicted 2 his Mistress.

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10 min

Goddess Tangent World of Femdom – Destroying Pathetic Balls With Ballbusting

Goddess Tangent World of Femdom - Destroying Pathetic Balls With Ballbusting

Now That the Slaves Balls r free from chastity they are no longer protected & Goddess Tangent can do whatever she pleases with them. Goddess Tangent immediately begins kicking his balls with her stiletto boots. The slave tries 2 turn around to block the kicks but Tangent grabs his balls from behind then squeezes n slaps them. The slaves pain is unbearable but the only thing he can do is thank his Goddess & hope she goes easier on him. There is no mercy for this slave after Tangent is done slapping his balls she turns him around n gives knees him in the balls. Goddess Tangent continues her barrage of strikes to the balls only stopping to reposition her slave. Goddess Tangent lets her slave know that his balls are her property & they are hers to destroy.

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8 min

Elegant Femdom – efcl565 Human Ashtray

Elegant Femdom - efcl565 Human Ashtray

Lady Lucy uses again her human ashtray. She sits on the table in sexy position dangling her sexy red shoes n humiliates the naked slave who kneels in front of her with open mouth to serve. She smiles at him as he prostrates himself under her.

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5 min

Mylene – Toying, fisting, prolapse, gape

Mylene - Toying, fisting, prolapse, gape

Thank u 4 sharing i…! I start naked with a pair of thin white stockings n a vintage garter belt on. During the first half of the video I stay half sitting with my legs in the air. At the beginning I push crystal balls out of my asshole & pussy. Grabbing my rainbow horse dildo after 2 fuck my ass and switching to frontal anal fisting. The next I open my pussy with fingers and pee. There is some toes wiggling as well. Changing pose to doggy 2 fist my ass more, making it gape. Pussy riding the horse dildo after reverse cowgirl style, fisting my ass more, stretching asshole with fingers a couple of times letting u to take a look inside and prolapse. The next position is kind of hard to describe, better take a look at the preview video. I am toying pussy & ass more, fisting myself. In the end, I stand up with one leg up n keep on fisting my ass showing u more gapes.

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20 min

Mylene – Deep anal huge horse ride. Anime girl

Mylene - Deep anal huge horse ride. Anime girl

I had never taken this large horse dildo that deep before! I start warming myself up with some fisting, taking it up the wrist. Switching to my huge Bad Dragon Chance toy 2 ride it both ways back n facing u.

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Trampling trauma

Trampling trauma

Some of u may think of trampling as a funny, harmless thing. Well, you are right looking at some other so called trampling web sites. And that’s okay for those who like some softcore trample action. But here at Cucci we consider trampling as what it really is: raw, hard, painful, leading guys to experience their untouched limits and sometimes exceeding the bounds of their physical and psychological possibilities. Who could ever doubt that sometimes this can lead to a real “trampling trauma”? And it all began so innocent… Probably 99% of u trample lovers are into female feet as well. To kiss them, lick them, worship them. And so is Trampline. So when he saw our lovely ladies Jasmin, Kitty n Kyrie coming back home from a long shopping day and slipping off their shoes he just wanted to give them a little foot-lip-massage to make them feel better. These ladies deffinitely have no problem to put their feet in the face of a male worm and to make him lick and suck them spotless clean.

But… “They decide when and how and nobody else!” And right now they were not in the mood. So when this stubborn asshole went on the three girls decided to teach him some lessons he won’t forget…and this is how the massacre began.

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